Fun Fearless Females​

Our Core Values


Our Mission - We support women of all abilities to be the best versions of themselves through leading healthy, happy lives - We foster independence through empowering you to constantly challenge yourself to learn and grow, while embracing that your journey to optimizing your overall health and wellness is ongoing and ever-changing.


We Assume You Can Do Something Until Told Or Shown Otherwise - You know what they say about assumptions right? When you assume, you make a ‘you know what’ out of you and me;) We strive to break down stereotypes through encouraging you to self-advocate and communicate your thoughts, feelings and needs. We also believe that everyone is capable of doing and achieving more than they may believe they are capable of! This is why we provide constant encouragement and opportunities for you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.​ 


Fearlessness - By helping others step out of their comfort zones to try new things (and having fun while doing it) we consistently see people increase their confidence and levels of self-esteem. It may feel scary at first but when you keep an open-mind and embrace opportunities and possibilities, that’s when you grow the most!


Person Centred Approach Vs. Disability Centred Approach - We treat everyone like the ‘whole person’ they are, with the utmost dignity & respect. Having a disability does not change those needs, nor should it be cause for different treatment. 


Sense Of Belonging - We focus on creating a safe space free of judgement where you can feel comfortable simply being yourself. Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something. Through fostering social and community connections as well as peer-based bonds with our programming, we provide a foundation for fulfilling this basic human need.


Self-Love - Showing yourself love and believing in your own awesomeness is not a habit that comes easily! Through modeling and encouraging positive self-talk we strive to help you foster a higher level of self-esteem and learn to love and see yourself as the truly incredible individual that you are.


Positive Social Impact - Everything we do and offer is about making life better and more enjoyable for those accessing our services as well as our community. We strive to support local business and entrepreneurs as much as possible through accessing all of the amazing services, agencies and events happening in our greater community as well as through our day-to-day administration and business operations.