Fun Fearless Females​

Empowering W​omen

of all abi​lities to lead happy, healthy lives.

How It All Began...

It started out as an interest, pure curiosity and a desire to understand and advocate for those with unique needs and has since grown into a passion for facilitating the optimal health and wellness of all women!

​In 2017 Lori embarked on a journey to create something that would fill a void in her community - extensive health and wellness based supports for adults with developmental disabilities.  Starting with just 5 clients and offering Recreational Support, Life Skills Support, Fitness Coaching & Ladies Nights, we now support dozens of people each week through an even greater variety of services to help you be the best version of you!

Our Mission

Our goal is to support as many women as possible to lead happy, healthy lives, while specializing in supporting those with developmental disabilities.

Through our various 1:1 Support Services and Group Programs we look forward to helping you embrace a healthy lifestyle, learn new skills, discover new interests, meet new people and realize your potential while challenging societal norms.

Our mission is to always have fun, be fearless (try new things) and build relationships with peers (females)!

Our Values

Everyone has the right to feel heard and be seen; everyone has the right to feel like they belong; everyone has the right to access their community in a meaningful way; and everyone has the right to access support and services targeted at self improvement and self-care. That's what we strive for each and every day.

We operate though a set of  guiding principles, or Core Values. These are the building blocks of how we operate and offer support to women of all abilities.

Our Services

We offer a variety of group programs and 1:1 support services.

Group Programs

Ladies Nights

Building and maintaining lasting friendships is crucial for a happy, healthy life. Ladies Nights strives to foster an environment where all are welcome and feel comfortable participating. Its mission is for all involved to have fun, try something ne​w (be fearless) and bond with peers (females). This program is for women 18yrs+. To view the current Ladies Night Events Schedule please click here.

Stretch & Unwind

Join us each week as Lori leads you in a series of stretches, breathing exercises and meditations to help you move your body in a gentle way, helping to deal with stiff, achy muscles, anxiety, low mood and stress. Gentle movement is a GREAT way to help your mind and body feel better! And the best part? You don't need any fancy equipment to join in, just your body ... and EVERY BODY can join! If you have things like: a yoga mat, pillows, a belt, a blanket... you can use them to help support your body in some of the stretches. Need to use a chair or other similar device? As an experienced group fitness instructor, Lori always shows options or modifications for movements to make them accessible to YOUR body.

Individualized Support

Work 1:1 with our experienced facilitator

Holistic Nutrition

Eating healthy does not come as easily as it once did. The availability of packaged, processed and fast foods make eating more about convenience than properly fueling our bodies. This service emphasizes getting back to eating healthy, wholesome foods and creating a meaningful relationship with what you put in your body through meal planning, food preparation and nutritional consulting. Eating and feeling healthy is simply about empowering yourself to make nutritional changes! 

Want to learn more about how our Certified Holistic Nutritionist can support you in optimally nourishing your body through food? Click here for more information.

Fitness Coaching

It is indisputable that in order to live a healthy life, one must be active. This can look different for everyone! This service helps individuals of all fitness levels and abilities to reach their fitness goals through consultation and individually designed fitness plans. Our focus is on feeling good inside and out, not chasing after an unrealistic body type or solely on losing weight; what's most important is finding joy in moving your body and feeling good! After creating a fitness plan that recognizes your needs you also have the option of regularly exercising with our experienced personal trainer to help keep you motivated and stay committed. Embrace an active lifestyle, challenge yourself and reach new goals!

Life Skills

Using an ABM, grocery shopping, loading the dishwasher. taking public transit (along with countless others) are all examples of important Life-Skills that many people take for granted. This service helps individuals to be more independent by using 'Task Analysis' (breaking down tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks) and visuals to build independence and promote success. Boost your confidence and learn new skills to help you be more independent in your day-to-day life!


Our community has so many amazing things to offer and we strongly believe that our emotional and social wellness benefit from accessing them. Potential settings include: parks, theatres, concerts, museums, markets, sporting events and more - the possibilities truly are endless! This service helps individuals to explore their community while discovering all of its hidden gems, provide respite for families and meaningful experiences for those involved.

Summer Programs


Join us for Day and Overnight Trips - weekends in Toronto, Canada's Wonderland, touring bakeries and tourist attractions, shopping trips, beaches, hikes, picnics... anything can happen on a Fun Fearless Females excursion!

Countryside Retreats

A getaway from the everyday!

This rustic retreat allows you to enjoy the simple things in life, take a break from technology and the noise of city living, bonding with peers and getting back to nature.

Come relax on 50 acres of country property just north of Mount Forest, ON. Activities include: DIY/crafts, nature hikes, outdoor games, beach time and of course ... lots of campfires!

Open to women 18yrs+.

Kind Words...

Our Fun & Fearless Founder

Lori’s curiosity and desire to understand differences amongst individuals in society led her to begin a career working with adults with developmental disabilities. Her journey began in 2011 when she enrolled in the Educational Assistant Diploma Program and American Sign Language Certificate Program at Conestoga College. At the same time, she began volunteering and, soon after, working in the field.

Throughout her experience at various Day Programs and providing respite to families, her passion for helping individuals to realize their potential inspired her to focus more specifically on health and wellness - in the areas of physical fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. This realization has resulted in Lori pursuing this passion further through becoming a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and experienced group fitness instructor/fitness coach.

Through lifelong learning and professional development she hopes to continue to advocate for and inspire individuals to strive and meet their full potential through acquiring the skills necessary for overall health and wellness.

 In her spare time she likes to bake, knit, hike, travel, play Disc Golf with her husband and snuggle up at home with her two fur babies Lucy & Sophie.

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